Luther Communication is a creative and marketing company who can provide leadership, vision, direction and consistency to your company.

Having a strong background in the advertising agency industry, I have been a Creative Director working with radio, TV and print. I understand the research methodologies, media buying and demographic profile to strategically place advertising in the medium.

As I moved from the agency world to the private company sector as Marketing Director, I have handled the Brand marketing and direction of various companies vision to ensure a profitable goal.

I offer extensive experience and achievements in marketing research, strategic marketing and advertising plans; media relations, creating brand image and awareness in many media channels, I have been responsible for account and staff coordination, event and promotion planning.

Having a natural interpersonal and communication abilities, I have acquired a reputation among the industry to be asked to write and implemented the curriculum for Marketing, Advertising Design and taught Mass Marketing classes at the University of Central Florida. My lectures were on the strategy behind creative concepts and communicating and producing creative campaigns and brand marketing.

I am well qualified to direct areas that are key to achieving your business objectives,
I am prepared to play an integral role in the profitable management of your corporate programs designed to broaden your business opportunities on a local, national or international level.

Kenneth D. Luther