Digital Billboard Advertising

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The World of Indoor Advertising
Digital indoor signage is effective because it’s interesting, colorful and animated.
But if you take that indoor display to a whole new level by adding interactivity,
you’ve just increased the attention it will demand exponentially.

Target Marketing
By choosing this method of advertising, your company will be getting noticed and creating interest in your product or service. You will be targeting your audience.

Greater Retention
It has been shown that ads placed indoor have a greater retention rate than traditional media, such as TV, radio or newspaper. With the average viewing time of every 10 to 12 minutes, 12 hours a day, 7 days a week, your ads will be seen longer than any other print medium . . . resulting in a lasting impression!

Cost Effective
Compared to all other traditional print media, indoor advertising is the most cost-effective advertising for your dollars. With a cost per impression rate that undercuts all other print media formats, you will get beautiful full color artwork that will stick in the customers mind at just a fraction of the cost as print.

Wide Coverage
Digital Billboard Advertising, Luther Communications, you can bring awareness based on the Local Community’s target market and demographics.
Your ads will have your widest possible coverage, along with a great image and exposure in the local area.


Why You Should Choose InDoor
Digital Billboard Advertising Over Other Media?

1.    You will have a Captive Audience.
2.    Consumers are more responsive to Digital Media ads.
3.    Viewers cannot skip over Digital Media ads.
4.   Newspaper ads are usually viewed once a day, at most, 
       while Digital Media ads are viewed more frequently.
5.    Digital Media ads are more attention grabbing.
6.    Digital Media ads are more flexible.
7.    Digital Media ads can be customized to target a niche audience.
8.    Digital Media ads can be updated and changed frequently . . . 
        so your message is never out-of-date.

Things are looking up

Dynamic Screens will get customers attention:

•    Customers don’t just glance — they engage.
•    They remember what they see.
•    They motivate customers to action.
•    It’s a great way to promote specific items.
•    A great way to increase brand awareness.