Why D.B.A.

Why You Should Choose InDoor
Digital Billboard Advertising Over Other Media?

  1.  You will have a Captive Audience.
  1.  Consumers are more responsive to Digital Media ads.
  2.  Viewers cannot skip over Digital Media ads.
  1.  Newspaper ads are usually viewed once a day, at most, while Digital Media ads are viewed more frequently.
  1.  Digital Media ads are more attention grabbing.
  1.  Digital Media ads are more flexible.
  1.  Digital Media ads can be customized to target a niche audience within a larger audience.
  1. Digital Media ads can be updated and changed frequently so your message is never out-of-date.
  1. Digital Media is more cost-effective than newspapers and magazines, while having higher targeting ability and impact.
  1. According to numerous published studies, ad recall and retention in Digital Media signage is better than any other traditional advertising.
  1. Digital billboard advertising is one of the most inexpensive ways to
    get your business message out to your audience.
  1. Our rates are designed to help every business create an effective advertising campaign without having to worry about


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