Advertising & Marketing

Luther Communications can assume all advertising, promotions, marketing, and public relations responsibilities.
We will coordinate the market research, marketing strategy, advertising, promotion, product development, and media and public relations activities.

We will act as Advertising managers oversee advertising and promotion, serve as liaisons between your firm/company and the advertising or promotional functions that are contracted out.

We Act as creative services department, which develops the subject matter and presentation of advertising. And act as creative and media director and oversees the advertising and planning that select the communication media—for example, radio, television, newspapers, magazines, the Internet, or outdoor signs.

We will assume the roll of Marketing manager to develop your companies marketing strategy in detail.

We will estimate the demand for your company’s product or services offered by your firm and compare it with your competitors. In addition, we will identify potential markets.
We will develop strategy to help your firms maximize profits and market share while ensuring that the firm’s customers are satisfied.